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A short storymap that follows how one farm in Delaware was able to sustain active farmland and create new habitat for waterfowl like the American Black Duck ...
2021 Conservation Report from Ducks Unlimited
Introducing Habitat Restoration for Black Duck
An intro video for landowners, farmers, and others to learn about ways to increase habitat for the American Black Duck in partnership with NRCS and the ...
NBCI BRI Map for Northern Bobwhite
Developed by the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative partnership, this Biological Ranking Information map denotes prioritized counties across the ...
General/Terrestrial Ranking Guidance (GA example)
Whether a NRCS state has ranking fund pools or guidance that is bobwhite specific varies, many simply have a terrestrial ranking/funding pool. This is an ...
Bobwhite-specific Ranking Tool (GA example)
This ranking tool was used in Georgia when they had a separate fund pool for a special bobwhite project.
338-Prescribed Burning
338-Prescribed Burning. This job sheet has been modified for Bobwhite Quail management in the Southeastern United States. Caution: Prescribed burning should be ...
2016 Southeastern Forest Private Lands Partnership Forum
March 1, Pensacola, Florida Session Recommendations
666-Forest Stand Improvement for Bobwhite Quail
666- Forest Stand Improvement. This job sheet has been modified specifically for the management of Bobwhite Quail and other early successional species in the ...
647 Early Successional Habitat Management
674 Early Successional Habitat Management Job Sheet. This job sheet was modified for Bobwhite management in the Southeastern United States.
314-Brush Management: Quail (GA and SE example)
314- Brush Management Practice. This job sheet has been specifically modified for Northern Bobwhite in the Southeastern United States.
645 Covey Headquarters Planning Job Sheet (MO example)
645 Quail Covey Headquarters Planning example from Missouri NRCS
A Natural Treasure: Florida's Sandhills & Grasslands
Learn how local and state partners with USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service have permanently protected a pristine sandhill grassland ecosystem in ...
Final Map WLFW GWWA Project Boundary and PACs
Working Lands for Wildlife: Golden-winged Warbler (GWWA) Project Boundary and Priority Areas for Conservation (PACs).
Join pasture specialists, local graziers, and NRCS staff to discuss the Conservation Innovation Grant (CIG) on Grazing Lands and the benefits of establishing ...
Conservation Corridor April 2021 Newsletter
Identifying priority areas for binational connectivity of large carnivores.
Ruffed Grouse Society & American Woodcock Society with Working Lands for Wildlife discuss forests, wildlife, and communities. This webinar described working ...
Maryland Shallow Water Area Fact Sheet
The state of Maryland NRCS fact sheet for shallow water areas, a common practice used in creating or restoring habitat for waterfowl use.
WLFW Science to Solutions: Economics of NWSG Forage
This fact sheet is part of a WLFW series called Science to Solutions which seeks to share technical information in a format that's user-friendly. Prepared by ...
FY21 WLFW-Northern bobwhite Map
This map was current as of FY21 for NRCS WLFW-Northern bobwhite but will be updated for FY22 based on the NRCS state offices that opted into the partnership ...
Bog Turtle (Glyptemys muhlenbergii)
Learn about The Nature Conservancy's work to save North America's smallest turtle.
Forage for Beef and Bobs
Learn about the benefits of native grasses for beef cattle production and wildlife in Virginia. This short video (4 min) is especially relevant for beef ...
The Hellbender is a giant, aquatic salamander that has experienced severe population declines throughout its range. It is a sensitive species and there are a ...
Everyone c​an do something to Help the Hellbender. On this website, you will find information about the hellbender, as well as household and farm management ...
A Prophet Of Soil Gets His Moment Of Fame
More than 40 years ago, in Nigeria, a young scientist named Rattan Lal encountered an idea that changed his life — and led, eventually, to global recognition ...
USDA Launches Strategy to Continue Conserving the Gopher Tortoise and its Critical Habitat
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) has released its new 5-year plan to conserve the Southeast’s ...
NBCI Bobwhite Seminars
NBCI has centralized Bobwhite seminars. Here are links to those seminars.
Northern bobwhite quail and many other grassland bird species have experienced significant population declines over the last several decades. Loss of native ...
Herbicides are an important tool in both forest and wildlife management in the south and particularly in southern pine management. The common practice of heavy ...
Viewers will learn about native vegetation’s applicability to a myriad of conservation practices beyond wildlife uses through an exploration of the supporting ...
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