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Bear Creek Mussel Recovery
Restoring mussel fauna
Are we in the midst of the sixth mass extinction? A view from the world of amphibians
Many scientists argue that we are either entering or in the midst of the sixth great mass extinction. Intense human pressure, both direct and indirect, is ...
Ecological and Evolutionary Responses to Recent Climate Change
Ecological changes in the phenology and distribution of plants and animals are occurring in all well-studied marine, freshwater, and terrestrial groups. These ...
Climatic change and wetland desiccation cause amphibian decline in Yellowstone National Park
Amphibians are a bellwether for environmental degradation, even in natural ecosystems such as Yellowstone National Park in the western United States, where ...
Effect of habitat area and isolation on fragmented animal populations
Habitat destruction has driven many once-contiguous animal populations into remnant patches of varying size and isolation. The underlying framework for the ...