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Photo by John McGuire
bog turtle

Conservation Partners

Partnerships among conservation agencies and organizations, private landowners, and private businesses and industries are key to problem-solving that effectively merges conservation, economic, and social goals.

Photo by John McGuire
controlled burn

Prescribed Burning

Prescribed fire reintroduces the beneficial effects of fire into an ecosystem and reduces the hazard of catastrophic wildfire.

Photo by Michael Knoerr
controlled burn

Eastern Hellbender

The Eastern Hellbender (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis), also known as the hellbender salamander or spotted water gecko, is a species of aquatic giant salamander endemic to eastern North America.

TRB conservation map

TRB Conservation Action Map

The map displays conservation project locations with information about conservation projects in each watershed within the Tennessee River Basin.


Featured Partners

working lands for wildlife

Working Lands for Wildlife targets conservation efforts to improve agricultural and forest productivity which enhance wildlife habitat on working landscapes.

tennessee river basin network

The Tennessee River Basin Network brings together multiple agencies and stakeholders in a joint effort to plan and deliver landscape conservation actions to protect one of the most diverse areas for aquatic species in North America.

Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership

The Southeast Aquatic Resources Partnership (SARP) is a regional collaboration of natural resource and science agencies, conservation organizations and private interests developed to strengthen the management and conservation of aquatic resources in the southeastern United States.

Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture

Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture is a diverse group of partners, including state fish and wildlife agencies, federal resource agencies, Indian tribes, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations, working collaboratively to conserve Eastern Brook Trout and their habitats.

Action at the intersection of working lands and conservation, based on applied science and economic realities.

News and Announcements

peterson ranch

Meet Our Partners!

The Landscape Partnership portal is an interactive platform where landowners and professionals from any agency, organization or industry can share technical information, host GIS mapping products and a variety of decision-support tools, view and download online learning materials, find out about partnership activities and newly funded projects, and identify technical experts who are available to provide assistance.

Wildland Fire

The Wildland Fire site serves as a clearinghouse to support technical experts as a community of practice and support public officials, communities, and landowners needing more information about wildland fire.

Our Work in the Landscape