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Landscape Conservation Fellowship

The Fellowship offers a unique opportunity for new-entry professionals to be part of the emerging and exciting field of Landscape Conservation. This is a post-graduate level training opportunity with career interests in applied landscape conservation science and resource management.


Our Fellows serve as part of the professional staff of the Appalachian LCC. Given the breadth of the Cooperative membership (both the diversity of conservation practitioners' expertise and regional knowledge) the Fellow will work across many facets of applied conservation and natural resource management. To date, the focus of the Landscape Conservation Design Fellow has been to coordinate efforts (meetings, workshops, webinars) to promote resource sharing and collaboration within the conservation community of the Tennessee River Basin. Although opportunities may vary, an example of the different conservation practices and perspectives the Fellowship may work with include industry, regulatory, advocacy, education and outreach, cultural stewardship or natural resource management.

Currently two Fellowships are offered: one with an emphasis on natural resource and ecosystem services (Landscape Conservation Design Fellow) and the second on geospatially-referenced social or cultural resource conservation (Nature and Society Fellow). The Landscape Conservation Design Fellow is based at Clemson University’s Center of Excellence, funded through the Margaret H. Lloyd Endowment and under the Direction of its Chair, Dr. Robert Baldwin. The Nature and Society Fellow is based at Pennsylvania State University, Hamer Center for Community Design, under the direction of Dr. Timothy Murtha.

Current Fellows:

Landscape Conservation Design: Gillian Bee

Nature & Society: Maddie Brown

Fellowship Library:

Find HERE suggested books, articles, and webinars which build conceptual understanding of Landscape Conservation Planning.