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Summary (Feb 26th) call

Workshop planning team coordination call notes. JS

1) Conference sharepoint -- USGS folks still need to sign up on conference sharepoint.  I think we are going to be pretty close to 14 -- the magic number.This includes: Rachel Muir, Ben Letcher, Dan Hocking, Andrea Ostroff

Jana sent emails to Ben, Dan, and Andrea today.
Listed as:  Northeast Region Brook Trout--Stream Temperature Modeling Workshop

2) meeting format --- there was concern about having breakout sessions -- we all agreed that we would need to have breakout sessions -- but also have good discussions as entire group

3) modeling template to complete by brook trout modelers - Steve F is going to check with fish modelers about creating and filling out a template similar to stream temp folks and then will draft that template.  We still need any additional feedback on stream temperature template before we have Jean and team create form

4) Participants
We need to follow up with a few folks to determine if they will be attending
Steve F will check with Todd Petty. Jana is waiting to hear confirmation or not from (Naomi D., Jed Wright, Britta B., and Jen S.)

There are some additional folks that have been suggested to invite:
All felt if the meeting was not getting to large, and if the folks are key researchers on these topics, and that USGS count did not go over 14 -- then ok.  So please provide thoughts:
  • Jason Coombs -- Steve F. is going to check with
  • Todd Walters and Brian Buchanan (Cornell University) -- supported by the AppLCC to look at hydrology and stream flow including temperature as it relates to fish communities in the Marcellus shale region of the AppLCC geography. --suggested by Jean Brennan
  • Marty Briggs or Jack Eggleston (USGS) -- working on GW/SW and stream temperature - suggested by Dave Armstrong -- we would keep in mind that we want to keep total USGS to 14
  • Also  -- Rachel -- you had suggested - Callie McMunigal
5) Agenda
  • Steve F is going to draft up an rough agenda and send out early next week. We want to make sure that we accomplish our objectives and make sure this is a working meeting -- so all keep that in mind.
6) Possible presentation

  • Gerry Szal from MASS DEP is attending and represents management side and is interested in thermal criteria --- He has been working with Ben Letcher.  He said he could talk for 10 or 15 minutes about their needs.
We thought this kind of presentation could be on morning of second day. Although the meeting was going to be focused on communicating the model results between modelers -- but we also need to be aware of bridge to management side.  Please provide your thoughts and feedback
7) other related work
  • do we want to have discussions about effects of  unconventional gas on brook trout and how that might tie into modeling efforts
  • do we want to provide a means for "non-presenters" to share some of their work via poster, etc?
8)  Meeting information and logistics to participants
  • we have enough information on the meeting web page (thanks --especially to Jean) and we should get this information out to all participants soon.
Jana will send link to logistics, etc.  to all participants