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Brook Trout and Stream Temperature Modeling Workshop Information

Workshop on the science and management information needs of aquatic resource community: 3rd in a series of workshops supporting the U.S. Northeast  region.  This event will focus on the various modeling approaches that have been applied toward the conservation of cold, high-elevation stream habitat supporting native brook trout populations in the US NE.  The workshop is being sponsored by the USGS NE Area Office in support of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture partnership, and the North Atlantic and Appalachian LCC communities.

  1. Bring together, in a facilitated workshop format, researchers in USGS and with other institutions that have been developing eastern brook trout models and assessments to more effectively share data resources and to assure that shared data resources is being fully reconciled among researchers;
  2. Develop a document or documents that provide guidance to the management community on application of models and assessments and their interpretation;
  3. Investigate the use of a shared database for information relevant to eastern brook trout research that would act as a clearing house for both natural resource managers and researchers;
  4. Investigate and suggest steps that would make regional temperature data available for researchers and managers, including information and models being developed for assessment of brook trout as well as temperature data being developed and consolidated for other purposes;
  5. Begin a process that would provide guidance for developing models and assessments for other species or groups of species that would take advantage of the research community’s shared experience regarding brook trout research.

Workshop Organizers: [USGS] Jana Stewart, Rachel Muir, Stephen Perry, Stephen Faulkner, Karen Murray, [EPA] Ralph Abele, [FWS] Scott Schwenk (NALCC), Jean Brennan (AppLCC)

April 2015 Workshop Materials & Logistical Information

Include the materials for workshop participants to review or complete in advance of the workshop.

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Resource Materials: Presentations

Copies of related background presentations

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Current Research (2015)

Links to relevant conservation research:

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Aquatic Resource Management & Conservation Planning

Tools, indices, and other resource materials etc. for prioritization, management, and decision-making by resource managers.

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