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Erich Hester Ph.D., P.E.

Hester, Erich

Research focus: how hydrology, hydraulics, and geomorphology influence ecological health and water quality in stream, river, and wetland systems. Applied goal is to advance process-based knowledge to allow better informed ecological restoration design, preservation of aquatic ecosystems, pollutant attenuation by natural processes, and watershed planning.


River/stream ecology Hydrology and geomorphology Wetland/Marsh/Estuarine Urban systems (natural systems within highly urbanized areas?) Aquatic systems/resources (incl. instream flow) Rivers/Streams - Instream Habitat Rivers/Streams - Streambank/Riparian Aquatic Watershed and water delivery management (dams, reservoirs) (incl. dam removal/fish passage) Urban development (incl. zoning) Energy development (coal) ESA (threatened and endangered species) Clean Water Ozark/Ouachita-Appalachian Forests