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Southeast Climate Science Center

The Department of the Interior Southeast Climate Science (CSC) is one of eight regional Climate Science Centers. These CSCs will provide scientific information, tools and techniques that land, water, wildlife and cultural resource managers and other interested parties can apply to anticipate, monitor and adapt to climate and ecologically-driven responses at regional-to-local scales.

Southeast Climate Science Center

The Southeast Climate Science Center and the Appalachian LCC

LCCs are the primary stakeholders of the Department of the Interior’s Climate Science Centers (CSCs). CSCs prioritize delivery of fundamental research, data products, and decision-support tools to meet the needs of the LCCs and other resource managers within their respective regions. As one of seven LCCs in the Southeast CSC territory, the Appalachian LCC works in close collaboration with the Southeast CSC to enhance the functional capacities of both groups to develop meaningful and effective conservation adaptation strategies for the southeastern landscape.


Actionable Science: Decision Analysis and Science Communication

The purpose of this grant is to provide research opportunities to students and staff working with the SECSC with a focus on decision analysis and science communication. Research activities will occur primarily within the framework of existing SECSC-funded projects. Student research will support project activities associated with the development and use of science-based information to make climate adaptation management decisions.

The Global Change Monitoring Portal

The objective of this project is to provide scientists and the general public with access to information about the existence and operation of programs that monitor the effects of global change processes, such as climate and land use change, on important air, land, and water resources. This is a public service project intended to support both education and decision making by providing comprehensive “one stop” access to information about hundreds of monitoring programs in North Carolina and throughout the Southeast.

Evaluation and downscaling of CMIP5 climate simulations for the Southeast US

The Northwest Climate Science Center (NW CSC) has funded a project to generate scenarios of future climate, hydrology, and vegetation for the Pacific Northwest US (PNW).  The scenarios make use of the latest generation of global climate models (GCMs) in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5). With our capacity to evaluate and downscale CMIP5 GCMs already developed under the NW CSC project, we propose to carry out a similar process of model evaluation and downscaling for the Southeast CSC (SE CSC).

Connectivity for Climate Change in the Southeastern United States

Climate change is already affecting biodiversity, changing the dates when birds arrive to breed and when flowers bloom in spring, and shifting the ranges of species as they move to cooler places. One problem for wildlife as their ranges shift is that their path is often impeded – their habitats have become fragmented by agriculture and urbanization, presenting barriers to their migration.

Assessment of terrestrial and aquatic monitoring programs in the Southeastern United States

A significant challenge faced by climate scientists in the public and private sector is the need for information about the historical status of ecological systems expected to be influenced by climate change. The need is especially acute for reliable and complete information about monitoring networks maintained by government and non-governmental organizations and associated data.

For More Information

Visit the Southeast Climate Science Center Website.


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