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Marine Bird Mapping and Assessment

This project is a collection of data, the download includes: the annual probability of observing one individual, the annual probability of encountering a large flock, and the monthly probability of observing one individual, for the full set of 24 marine bird species (in .csv format), and the associated report “Mapping the distribution, abundance and risk assessment of marine birds in the Northwest Atlantic.” NOTE* The Data Basin link takes you to the "Coastal and Marine" gallery, see the "Marine Bird Assessment" folder to view the species data.

Data Download
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Data Info
Publication Date 2015
Data Type Point
Status Complete
Creator Organization Earvin Balderama (now of Loyola University Chicago, Dept of Mathematics and Statistics) worked to develop this map and the statistical models used to produce them, with Beth Gardner (NCSU Dept of Forestry and Environmental Resources) and Brian Reich (NCSU
Marine Bird Mapping and Assessment