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Decision Support Tools Help

This document details the steps on how to use the Energy Forecast tool, the riparian restoration decision support tool, and to find priority scores using the GeoNode Conservation Design Portal.
AppLCC Energy Forecast Tool Help

AppLCC Energy Forecast Tool Help

This document details the steps to use the Energy Forecast tool.

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How to use the Riparian Restoration to Promote Climate Change Resilience (RPCCR) Tool

The following tutorial will describe the steps to depict the riparian areas that would benefit most from riparian restoration. The RPCCR tool enables users to dynamically locate areas (within the selected riparian zone region) that would benefit from increased shading produced by planting of trees. The tool operates on a 200 meter stream buffer (100 on each side), and requires the user to specify values for maximum percent canopy cover and minimum solar gain percentile. The user can additionally choose to include minimum elevation (meters) and maximum percent impervious surface values in the analysis.

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How to Find Priority Score using GeoNode Conservation Design GIS Portal

The Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture has developed priority scores for project selection to assist in identifying areas that are best for restoration, best for enhancement, and best for protection for the states in the EBTJV region.

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