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RFP, Full Proposal, and Project Summary

RFP - Cave and Karst Classification and Mapping

The project will assemble georeferenced data, identify key intermediate (classification) data, and develop supporting science products that depict and map karst habitats and biotic resources across the Appalachian LCC based on the most appropriate method of classification to facilitate landscape-level planning objectives and address conservation and management needs.


Full Project Proposal

As stated in the RFP, “developing a consistent classification system for karst habitats is a foundational need for this unique habitat type,” but not without familiar antecedents. This proposal builds on existing knowledge in order to provide context for the proposed work described in the next section, following the structure in the RFP.

Project Summary - Cave and Karst Classification and Mapping

This project will collect and synthesize data to depict and map cave and karst habitats and biological resources across the Appalachian LCC. In addition, researchers will propose the most appropriate classification system for these habitats within Appalachia.