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David McNaughton


Benthic Macroinvertebrates Insects (incl. butterfly/moth) Amphibians Reptiles Birds Bats Terrestrial Plants - Rare or endemic Wetland ecology Wetland/Marsh/Estuarine Early successional forest Grassland/shrub Disturbance-dependent communities (e.g., fire-dependent forests, etc.) Geospatial (GIS) Data/information systems (design and management) Open grassland and shrub/natural cover management, restoration Terrestrial Plant pest/pathogen/disease Terrestrial Animal pest/pathogen/disease ESA (threatened and endangered species) Climate/Earth and Atmospheric Science Adaptation (management response and facilitation) Mitigation Citizen Science (program management) Historic Structures (Management, Preservation, Restoration) History/Cultural Research Pennsylvania Dutch/Amish/Mennonite Ozark/Ouachita-Appalachian Forests