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Lucas Furman

Furman, Lucas

Lucas has an extensive working knowledge of longleaf ecosystem management and GIS applications, having worked in numerous wildland fire and GIS positions in Federal, State, County, NGO and Contract capacities over the last 10 years. He leads organization-wide and regional projects; leveraging GIS to improve decision-making and strategic planning; facilitating effective communication between partnerships, agencies, planners, scientists and GIS managers. Utilizing his diverse background across stakeholder groups, Lucas supports a variety of ecosystem assessment and prioritization efforts, building effective communication tools for planners, practitioners, scientists and GIS managers.



Disturbance-dependent communities (e.g., fire-dependent forests, etc.) Longleaf Pine Ecology Fire Ecology Parks and Recreation Geospatial (GIS) Remote sensing (LiDAR) Remote sensing and photo interpretation (cartography, etc.) Living Shorelines/Shoreline Restoration Forest/natural cover management, restoration ESA (threatened and endangered species) Clean Water Environmental education, interpretation, and educational outreach Prescribed Burn Planning Fire Science Fire Remote-Sensing

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