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Forestlands Best Management Practices for Golden-winged Warblers

Initiated: 2010 Status: Completed in June 2012
Combing through habitat literature and conducting two years of surveys for the presence of Golden-winged Warblers at forest stands, the AMJV and partners developed best management practices for providing breeding habitat for Golden-winged Warblers through timber harvesting.

Cerulean Warbler Forest Management Project

Initiated: 2005 Status: Completed in 2010
The Cerulean Warbler project was initiated to allow the scientific and management communities to test forestry methods and use experimental harvesting of timber to enhance Cerulean Warbler habitat.

Restoring Coal-Mined Lands to Create Habitat for Imperiled Birds

Initiated: 2008 Status: Ongoing
AMJV and the Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative are partnering up to re-establish habitat on previously mined land to create greater breeding grounds for declining bird species in the Appalachian Region. Using ARRI’s Forestry Reclamation Approach, this collaboration is replanting trees on disturbed sites in heavily populated bird areas to restore the function and form of habitats that existed prior to mining.

Assessing Forest Fragmentation from Marcellus Shale Gas Development

Initiated: 2011 Status: Ongoing
Using foundational research, the Appalachian Mountains Joint Venture staff and partners in Pennsylvania have initiated a project to merge the recently completed Pennsylvania Breeding Bird Atlas (PBBA) data with the TNC energy development projections to provide a rigorous evaluation of the impacts resulting from Marcellus development on forest interior birds.

Impact of Urbanization on Priority Bird Populations

Initiated: 2009 Status: Ongoing
25 bird species models were developed to determine the sensitivity of priority bird species populations to urbanization. Incorporating data from housing density rates and land-use change, the project looked to see if rates of urbanization were impacting populations currently or if it will do so in the near future if rates and changes continue.

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