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SECAS Newsletter October 2023

SECAS October newsletter: 2023 Southeast Blueprint and SECAS goal report released, introducing the Midwest Blueprint

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Southeast Conservation Blueprint 2023 now available
by Rua Mordecai, Coordinator, Southeast Conservation Blueprint

The latest update to the Southeast Conservation Blueprint, version 2023, is now available! The major change to the Blueprint this year was expanding consistent methods to the U.S. Caribbean and open ocean of the Gulf of Mexico and some missing parts in the Atlantic. As part of that expansion, there are now 18 new Caribbean indicators for land, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. There are 9 new or improved indicators for the continental marine areas. Huge thanks to the 91 people from 41 organizations who attended workshops and provided feedback on the draft. We managed to either fully or partially fix about 42% of them in the final version. For more details and links to access the new data, >>visit Rua's blog...

Recent trends in Southeastern ecosystems - 2023 SECAS goal report released!
by Rua Mordecai, Coordinator, Southeast Conservation Blueprint

The 2023 report on progress toward the SECAS goal is now available! It uses data from Southeast-wide monitoring programs to look at recent trends in indicators of the health, function, and connectivity of Southeastern ecosystems. This report includes many improvements, including new indicators, updated data and methods for existing indicators, a new quantitative approach for estimating uncertainty in trends, and trends going further back to 2011 (when SECAS was established). For a link to the latest report and more details on what's new this year, >>visit Rua's blog...