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News from SECAS January 2024 Newsletter

Review grassland indicator, Blueprint changelog updated to 2023, how Blueprint uses critical habitat, and more.

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Calling all grassland lovers and experts

by Emily Granstaff, User Support, Southeast Conservation Blueprint

The Southeast Blueprint has a couple of indicators to represent the quality of grasslands in the continental Southeast: Interior Southeast grasslands and Great Plains perennial grasslands. We strive to continually improve the indicators in the Blueprint, and this year, we're working on a big update that will hopefully combine these two indicators. We need your help to ensure that priority places for grasslands are represented in the Blueprint! Please sign up to attend a virtual, 1-hour meeting to review drafts of the new grasslands indicator! >>To learn more and register, check out Emily's blog post...

Documenting changes with Southeast Blueprint 2023

by Hilary Morris, User Support & Communications, Southeast Conservation Blueprint

The Southeast Blueprint changelog has been updated to capture what changed from Blueprint 2022 to 2023! We maintain a changelog for the Blueprint to record what we changed with each update, and why. When SECAS releases a new Blueprint, you already hear a lot about the big improvements–like expanding to the U.S. Virgin Islands or adding new indicators for the Gulf marine environment. But staff also make a bunch of little tweaks and adjustments that aren't as high-profile, but are still important to remember! For a link to the changelog, >>visit Hilary's blog...