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You are here: Home / News & Events / Conservation Newsletters / Conservation Corridor Newsletters / Conservation Corridor August 2023 Newsletter

Conservation Corridor August 2023 Newsletter

Conservation Corridor August Newsletter

Connectivity Science

Predicting population spread in fragmented habitats

A combination of theory and experiment shows that the interaction between habitat configuration and species dispersal can predict whether a landscape promotes or impedes species spread.

Connectivity Management

Microbats benefit from a restored corridor in tropical northern Australia

Detections in a replanted forest corridor in Queensland show that while some bats may be sensitive to fragmentation, they can respond positively to the re-establishment of connectivity.

Connectivity & Climate Change

Can high-quality corridors buffer wildlife from extinction?

Springtails released in 3D printed microcosms were more likely to persist under drought conditions when populations where well-connected to each other via corridors.

Connectivity Policy

Connectivity in National Policies: Bhutan

Bhutan remains a global leader in conservation, with 70% of its land under forest cover and over half of the country's total area secured as protected areas and biological corridors.

In the News

State habitat connectivity laws expand throughout the American West

Tanzania starts restoring wildlife connectivity routes

Arizona looks to add more wildlife overpasses across major highways

Elephants and orangutans benefit from Borneo's wildlife corridors

U.S. DHS agrees to add wildlife crossings to U.S.-Mexico border wall

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