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Policies Collection


Principles, policies, and laws from legislatures and agencies provide a structured approach to managing and regulating wildland fire and smoke emissions. However, these are implemented within jurisdictions and at scales that create a patchwork across large landscapes and can impede efforts to manage for wildfire risk and ecological restoration of fire-dependent ecosystems. First, it is important to know and understand what these policies and regulations require. Secondly, we must work collaboratively to address situations where fire management is inadvertently suppressed or eliminated across natural landscapes.

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Fire Liability

Liability means the legal responsibility for one’s acts or omissions. Failure of a person (e.g., landowner or burn boss) to meet those responsibilities leaves them vulnerable to the possibility of a lawsuit.

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Fire Policy Topics

Policy provides the playbook that guides diverse teams of individuals toward common goals. A playbook provides essential coordination for a program that crosses both administrative and geographic boundaries.

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