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Development & Review

Development & Review

Policy provides the playbook that guides diverse teams of individuals toward common goals. A playbook provides essential coordination for a program that crosses both administrative and geographic boundaries.

Many people contribute content to that playbook. The president issues proclamations and executive orders. Congress enacts laws. Cabinet members publish departmental manuals, secretarial orders, and strategic plans. Bureau and Office Directors issue policy memos and other directives.

Wildland Fire staff develop, interpret, and review policy so each agency implements a single, coordinated wildland fire program. Policy and program reviews are coordinated in response to analyses completed by the Office of Management and Budget, members of Congress, the Government Accountability Office, and other governing bodies to ensure the Department’s wildland fire activities follow applicable laws, align with strategic plans, and comply with existing policies. This consistency promotes the interoperability with other Federal and non-Federal institutions essential to effective pre-fire mitigation, response, and post-fire rehabilitation.