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Paul Hessburg: Why Wildfires Have Gotten Worse-and What We Can Do About It

Megafires, individual fires that burn more than 100,000 acres, are on the rise in the western United States -- the direct result of unintentional yet massive changes we've brought to the forests through a century of misguided management. What steps can we take to avoid further destruction? Forest ecologist Paul Hessburg confronts some tough truths about wildfires and details how we can help restore the natural balance of the landscape.

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Fire in Wetlands: Fire Ecology and Prescribed Fire Tactics

The following webinar provides insight on prescribed fire tactics in wetland ecosystems. Developed by the Southern Fire Exchange, the Ocala National Forest and the University of Florida.

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Igniting Inspiration for Women in Fire

If our use of fire for managing lands is to improve and expand in the United States, it will need to involve more women and diverse perspectives. Thanks to programs like Women-in-Fire Prescribed Fire Training Exchanges (WTREX), more women are participating in and leading controlled burns.

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Fighting Fire with Fire: Can Fire Positively Impact an Ecosystem?

Wildfires occur naturally when lightning strikes a forest or grassland. Alternatively, controlled burns, also known as prescribed fires, are set by land managers and conservationists to mimic the effects of natural fires.

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