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Pigeon River Aquatic Community Restoration

Since 2004, the NCWRC has extended the interstate project to restore aquatic fauna to the Pigeon River into the NC portion of the impacted reach. From the early 1900's thru the early 1990's, the Pigeon River was severely polluted by effluent from a paper mill at Canton, NC. Changes in the paper bleaching process and improved waste water treatment resulted in improved water quality in the reach between Canton, NC and Newport, TN. While habitat conditions improved, many species of fishes and mussels did not begin to recolonize the river due to dams and reservoirs that isolated the reach from source populations that might naturally recolonize. Cooperators in TN began to reintroduce several species of snails, mussels, and fishes beginning in the mid-1990's. Since 2004, six fish species (Gilt darter, Banded darter, Silver shiner, Tennessee shiner, Telescope shiner, and Bigeye chub) have been successfully reintroduced and maintain self-perpetuating populations.

Smaller geography (stream reach, county-level etc.)