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Request for Spatial Data Download from The Appalachian LCC

How To Find Spatial Data and Make a Request:

The LCC is dedicated to providing data, resources, and science to partners throughout our geography.  Our GIS server is the primary platform for data modeling, visualization, and creating and saving maps.  However, we do support more advanced data manipulation for those wishing to use data in a desktop GIS environment. We disseminate data in 3 primary ways:

  1. GIS/Planning Tab via spatial data content type.
      • Data available here are simple shapefiles (e.g., LCC Boundary) that a user may want to download for use in a desktop environment (e.g., Google Earth, ArcGIS).  These individual datasets will be small but commonly requested vector files.  You may also use the search feature on the portal to locate this data or filter by ‘content type’.
  2. Pre-packaged downloads from our Amazon S3 server will be made available based on commonly requested datasets (which will include larger raster files). Direct download links will be provided in the Tools and Resources tabs of our portal. Data shared here is considered in the public domain and individual datasets will not be extracted and compiled by LCC staff.  The responsibility of manipulating these data for specific tasks will be upon the end-user.
  3. We encourage users to learn and utilize our GIS platform but if the readily available data does not meet your requirements, you may request data directly through our portal on our Forum & Support tab by filling out a short form. Our capacity to respond in a timely manner will be primarily dependent on three factors:
      • Backlog of data requests
      • Size of data requested
      • Sensitivity of data requested


    Data Delivery and Safeguards:

    Limitations on the use of approved sensitive data will be provided and must be agreed to before data delivery. The AppLCC staff or web contractor will make available to partners a secure file transfer system (SFTP) to download and transfer approved sensitive data or products and will provide instructions and credentials for this procedure. It is the responsibility of the end-user to download the data and data products from the LCC. Received credentials can only be used to access approved sensitive data as end-users will not have access to sensitive data repositories in their entirety. Please be sure to state clearly each individual dataset you are requesting.

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