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Data Access

A dynamic index of data available on the Landscape Partnership and Partner Cloud.


In the coming weeks and months the Landscape Partnership will serve up curated and georeferenced spatial data for partners working in our geography.  Some data will be made available following funded projects while other foundational datasets are available now.  In addition, newly developed and customized decision support tools will be served up using an open-source platform through our portal.  These tools will allow managers/conservation practitioners to make dynamic and scenario-based decisions using the best and most current scientific data.  A sampling of the datasets/themes are listed below.  For a more detailed list of available data (with descriptions) please see Foundational and Partner Datasets.


Vector Data


  • Protected Areas of the United States Database
  • National Conservation Easement Database
  • Hazardous Waste/Inventory: Imperiled Watersheds (EPA)
  • Forest Biomass by County
  • Coal/Natural Gas fields
  • Cave/Karst Formations
  • National Wetland Inventory


Raster Data


  • Terrestrial Habitat Classifications
  • USGS Gap Data
  • Nature Serve Species Distribution
  • Index of Human Modification
  • Housing Density
  • Climate Impacts
  • Priority Areas (Short-term) for Conservation Action


Cloud Structure


Spatial data will be uploaded to the cloud using an S3 client. There are a variety of free and open source S3 clients such as

Cyberduck and DragonDisk. Documentation will be provided for our preferred clients.

Each spatial data archive will be uploaded as a zip file, and will have an associated SpacialData content-item in Plone which stores the metadata as well as preview image, etc.

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