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SE FireMap Scoping Phase Update June 2020

The SE FireMap Scoping Phase is officially underway as of April 2020 and the final report for this initial phase of the project is anticipated no later than November 2020. Due to COVID-19 the workshops planned to collect information during this Scoping Phase are now being hosted as webinars with Q&A sessions at the end of each. Currently, the webinars are for the Technical Oversight Team selected to manage the SE FireMap project. However, the webinars are recorded and each will be posted on this web portal along with an opportunity for other technical experts and the public to comment.

Tall Timbers Research Station was selected as the scoping vendor (Vendor) and is partnering with the Southern Fire Exchange to facilitate improved outreach. The Technical Oversight Team will maintain close communication with the Vendor throughout the Scoping Phase to provide technical review and input. The TOT is comprised of subject matter experts from across partnerships and includes contractors with specific skill sets not otherwise available. The TOT will help ensure the SE FireMap project appropriately aligns with stakeholder groups and use-cases, recommending top research, technology and fire mapping products to consider during the scoping process.

Periodically, additional experts in the fire community will be engaged via targeted webinars and surveys shared by the Vendor. Participation will be determined by affiliation and expertise; specifically, where the current TOT membership lacks representation. All relevant feedback will ultimately help inform the scoping process and final recommendations for developing the SE FireMap product.